Release Notes


V2.30 (COROS app update required)

Introducing Training Plan, new running power features and Stryd compatibility.
- Build, download and share personalized training plans on the COROS app.
- Follow a training plan and view details on selected COROS models.
- Run, Bike, Swim and Strength training plans supported.
- Adds running power from the wrist with no accessories needed on all COROS models.
- Integrates with Stryd on selected COROS models and provides the only native and complete support.
- Adds new data metrics including Running Power, Power Zones, Form Power, Air Power, Leg Spring Stiffness and more when pairing with supported accessories.
- Adds running power to structured workout programs.
- Adds Treadmill mode within Indoor Run for manual speed input.



- Fixes multiple bugs including a bug that may cause the watch to freeze after pausing during workouts.
- Allows the repeat of previously completed sessions or start of new sessions via "Next Set/Exercise"
setting after pausing in Training mode.


V2.27 (COROS app update required)

Introducing new workout modes and features to supported COROS watch models.
- Adds Training mode for real-time tracking of saved structured programs.
- Adds Strength mode for reps/sets/body parts tracking.
- Allows the optical wrist-based HR sensor on the watch to be disabled for workouts. Paired HR chest
straps aren't affected by this setting. (System > Sensors > Optical HR > Workout HR > OFF)



- Adds GPS track, pace, elevation and heart rate graphs to the workout summary on the watch.
- Adds a sunrise/sunset widget which provides sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk and noon info.
- Adds auto elevation calibration in the background for daily tracking.
- Adds Nutrition Alert to Bike mode.
- Multiple bug fixes.


V2.13 (COROS app update required)

- Adds Battery Usage feature to track your watch habit and provide the estimated battery time remaining.
- Adds customization for workout modes and toolbox menu so that unused features can be rearranged on the watch. Go to the Device page on the COROS app to access this feature.
- Adds Bluetooth-supported heart rate broadcast feature. Press and hold the BACK/LAP button to access this feature via the toolbox menu.
- Adds Nutrition Alert feature that provides time-based reminders during workouts.
- Adds Lap Vertical Speed data type for Trail Run, Hike, Mountain Climb and Bike modes.
- Adds navigation feature for Multisport and Ski Touring modes.
- Adds lap as a distance option for interval training under Track Run mode.
- Adds MGRS capability for GPS coordinates.
- Adds full Polish support as system language.
- Adds RUNALYZE support.
- Stores data page preferences to the COROS account in case of watch reset and new watch pairing.



- GPS connection bug fixes caused by incorrect satellite data. 



- Adds Bluetooth support for accessories including heart rate chest straps and bike speed/cadence sensors. Set up on the watch via System > Accessories.
- Track Run mode algorithm enhancements. 
- Multiple bug fixes.



Introducing three winter sports modes just in time for this snow season (for most of the countries) and new GPS features.
- Ski/Snowboard modes with auto detection of downhill and lift laps and useful data including downhill distance, max speed and more.
- Cross Country Ski mode that records GPS tracks, grade and cadence data with breadcrumb navigation functions available when needed.
- Ski Touring mode with accurate tracking of elevation when ascending and descending.
- Adds GPS+BeiDou mode for enhanced GPS efficiency.
- Adds Satellite Map to view the current satellite signal strength and conditions. Please wait till the GPS signal is fully acquired before starting your first outdoor workout after this update.



- Multiple bug fixes.



- Introducing the new Track Run mode for 400-meter track runs. Receive accurate distance, pace and other data when running on an outdoor 400-meter standard track.
- Adds enhanced daily HR option to display HR reading on select watch faces. Setup via System > Sensors > Daily HR.
- Adds weather forecast feature based on the last 6 hours of the air pressure changes.
- Adds Storm Alert feature for imminent weather changes. Setup via System > Sensors > Barometer.
- Adds navigation and “resume later” features for Bike mode.
- Adds arrows during the breadcrumb navigation to indicate the direction in case of forks and turnarounds.
- Enhances the sensitivity of the Gesture Backlight feature.



- Fixes a bug which may result in errors in Bluetooth sync.



- Multiple bug fixes.



- Adds touch screen function to daily widgets, navigation track and elevation profile pages on VERTIX. Press knob to activate touch screen.
- Adds “Touch Scroll” feature to workout data pages. Swipe up and down to change data pages without unlocking the screen. Enable this feature by System > Workout Interface > Touch Scroll > ON.
- Adds “Resume Later” feature in Trail Run, Mtn Climb and Hike modes to support multi-day activities and extend battery life.
- Adds “Hold to Finish” to all workouts to prevent accidental workout finish.
- Supports in/out zoom and left/right swipe on the elevation profile page when using navigation features.
- Supports 2D/3D distance switch in Trail Run and Mtn Climb modes.
- Smart notifications are supported during workouts. Enable this feature by System > Workout Interface > Msg. & Call Alerts > ON.
- Adds “Station Pressure” to barometer widget which now supports viewing up to the last 3 days. Enable this feature by System > Sensors > Barometer > Data Source > Station Pressure.



- Fixes SpO2 and HR bugs when used at high altitude.



- Adds indoor/outdoor Cardio modes which record heart rate, calories and split time.
- In Gesture Backlight Auto mode, gesture backlight will be disabled during the sleep hours set on your COROS app.



- Elevation feature bug fixes and calibration enhancements.
- Supports a bigger font size for data pages in workout modes.
- Sleep tracking enhancements.C3
- Adds a backlight always-on mode (Night mode) for standby and workout modes.



- Optimizes the battery performance in standby mode.
- Adds history data at the HR and elevation widgets in standby mode.
- Enhances the notification display.
- Multiple bug fixes.



- Updates the SPO2 algorithms.



- Updates altitude acclimation function.
- Enhances system stability.